An Inside Look: How SnapLedgers Does Your Bookkeeping

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SnapLedgers is a full service bookkeeping firm.

We’re a team of real people working remotely in North Carolina — crunching numbers, staring at receipts, doing your bookkeeping — with some powerful software to back us up.

Here’s an inside look at how SnapLedgers does your bookkeeping.



We have 6 full-time bookkeepers and each one has a special area of expertise to satisfy the various needs of any business owner.

Once you sign-up with SnapLedgers, you get matched with one (or a couple) of our team members through a simple onboarding process. A quick, free video  or phone call is all it takes to get you started.



Before coming to SnapLedgers, every small business owner does their books a little differently from the next.

Some are financial guru’s and understand the entire process from top to bottom. Others may not even know what the term “bookkeeping” means exactly but they are experts at running their business.

So we always start off with an introductory call to get to know you and your business , be it via phone, video, or in-person. This meet and greet helps us understand how to categorize your transactions properly and how to tailor your bookkeeping to your industry in the most helpful way.



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We do your books — how?

At SnapLedgers, we redefine our customers’ experience with bookkeeping by providing an easy, streamlined process. This means that the SnapLedgers team members are certified bookkeeping professionals who are equipped with tech software systems that integrate with business of today. Result: your books done flawlessly, in a snap.


Getting your documents

In the past, a bookkeeper had to visit your office and collect an old file box full of receipts and expense documents to organize your transactions into a ledger. For some bookkeepers, this is still the norm.

But at SnapLedgers, we are equipped to manage all bookkeeping services in the digital universe. From Quickbooks desktop and online for bookkeeping, Gusto for payroll and HR, TSheets for time tracking, and Hubdoc for document management — we’ve got you covered. Now, don’t get us wrong, if you can only provide that file box, then we will carry that box back to our office and get you started with no problem. We use top-grade security and encryption on all of our servers. A bit more secure than that box of receipts in the backseat.



So no need to mail us your receipts. Even if you made a cash transaction and only have a physical receipt to prove it, you can simply snap a picture and send it via the Hubdoc app. Snap, send, done.


We talk with you — how?

We get it, your ideal work week likely doesn’t include long monotonous phone calls with your bookkeeper. That’s why we do our best to stay out of your way as much as possible.

But until mind-reading is added to our repertoire, when we do need more information about a transaction, we will email or message you. From there, you can clarify any transactions we aren’t 100% sure about.



This goes both ways — if you ever have a question about your financial statements or anything related to your books, shoot the questions to your dedicated bookkeeper and they will respond promptly.

You can also book a call with your bookkeeper whenever you’d like. We are always down for a geek-out moment about your bookkeeping and financial statements.



What you get with SnapLedgers

All the things. Here’s the tangible items your dedicated bookkeeper is working on for you.

  • Your monthly financial statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Expense Report
  • Helpful visual reports that show your revenue, expenses, and profit over time
  • Hand-crafted diagnosis written to explain highlights that you should know from the report
  • A digital Year-End Financial package that you can send to your CPA at tax time. Including:
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Trial Balance
    • Journal Entry Summary
    • General Ledger



…And any other items you may need for tax preparation.


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